Monday, May 23, 2011

A Bit of the Garden

We've been very busy this month, and the month before, as you might be able to guess from the lack of posting on this blog -- but we have managed to get a bit of our garden going in the backyard of our little house, just like we did last year, though not on such a grand scale. The chocolate mints, which were in the ground all winter in pots, so as to prevent too much die back, are going quite well, and were yesterday pulled out of the ground. These pictures, from May 16th, show them with a sparkle of snow.
We have fewer plants from seedlings grown indoors this year (so far), and most will be in the ground by the end of today [written yesterday, see update below]. Hopefully it isn't too early for them, but we need to get them on the drip line, so in the ground they go. We'll be planting flower seeds around our seedlings, maybe right where these mints are sitting now, and also in the front garden and in a little patch along the edge of the street, where I'm hoping the overly easy to grow Cosmos and cornflowers will flourish.

Update just prior to posting: One squash and two tomato seedlings are in the ground; the rest are waiting for a less rainy day. It poured and hailed and lightninged and thundered and rained ... and our garden became a little too damp for planting (ha! -- drenched is more like it). And we're getting another deluge right now!

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