Monday, July 25, 2011

The Lincoln Highway: Quotes and Links

"The Lincoln Highway was built during the early 1900's as the country's first transcontinental highway. This now long overgrown dirt surfaced road passed through the Pony Express trail, down to Ely, then to Kimberly, across Jake's Valley to the Moorman Ranch, and followed the present US Highway 50 for several miles before passing through Hamilton. BHP has recently marked the old Lincoln Highway through their property that can be accessed just a mile or so before reaching their administration building off County Road 44 just past Ruth, NV. This section of the Lincoln Highway comes out at the Moorman Ranch."
Originally from: Interesting Places in White Pine County, now cached here. Moorman Ranch location: Google Street View.

"Much of the road between Ely and Eureka was completely relocated northward during the early 1920s to follow the current alignment of US 50. As a result, an array of lonely places listed in the 1915 and 1916 Complete and Official Road Guide of the Lincoln Highway were absent from the 1924 edition, including Reipetown, Kimberly, White Pine Summit, and Six-Mile House."
From Lincoln Highway in Nevada, Chapter 16 of The Lincoln Highway Resource Guide.


The Lincoln Highway
The Lincoln Highway Association
The Lincoln Highway across Eastern Nevada, 1924 map


Maitri said...

I lived a few miles from it for a couple of years and was tickled that it was the first real American interstate highway. Thanks for posting about it!

Silver Fox said...

Many of my posts about Highway 50 in NV are about technically about the Lincoln Highway, though I don't always mention that fact, other than in my Mapping on the Lincoln Highway post.

Glad you enjoyed!