Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Update from the Lake: Early Blooms

Almost immediately upon arriving at the lake on our recent trip, MOH and I took a walk around the yard. Some small lavender flowers were still blooming on a natural ground cover bush that grows under trees in the forest—and here and there in our yard—although the color had faded some.
One tall lilac bush was doing well, another we later cut down to make room for something else.
White flowers blossomed on prickly bushes in our back yard. These also grow wild in the forest.
Of planted flowers besides the lilacs and some poppies, only these irises were yet in bloom. Other flowers were still waiting for more sun and warmer days.
These flowers almost inspire me to get out my watercolors.

After our tour of the yard, we settled in for four days of heavy yard work interspersed with a couple interior chores, walks, and bike rides. It was a great trip!


Gaelyn said...

Love the smell of lilacs.

That last macro is enough to for anyone to get out the paints. Would like to see what you do with that.

Silver Fox said...

I might plant a new lilac somewhere in the yard, I love them, too, but mostly they seem to need more sun than they currently have.

Haven't had the paints out for years, for the most part. Oh well.