Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Few Views

I thought I'd actually have time over my 5-day break to get caught up on some blogging, but that hasn't been the case, and things aren't looking all that great for the coming 8- or 9-day work week and the break following that, so I'm posting a few views from the new area.

First, an early morning view: inside the bus before it's left the parking lot for the mine.

Next, a view on the way back from work on a relatively clear day, looking off to the southeast toward the North Valmy Power Plant, Battle Mountain, and the Betty O'Neal mine near the range front below the snow-covered peaks of the Shoshone Range.

And last, a fairly typical view inside The Griddle, one place to be if you happen to be hanging around The City of Paved Streets, the starting point of the Winnemucca-to-the-Sea-Highway.

Winnemucca-to-the-Sea Highway posts at LFD.


Gaelyn said...

Guess you have to take the work when you can. Try not to stay too busy.

Utemike said...

Happy to see you taking time to post. You were missed. Looks like the bus that stays on the west side of the valley. If it is tell the fellas in the red and white drill shacks to be good to you. You know people who can rearrange things....

Silver Fox said...

Gaelyn, I'm pretty busy, it's true, and days off were at a place where internet service was slow at best.

Utemike, I don't know anything about the drill shacks!