Monday, July 23, 2012

Birds along the Humboldt River

Having posted a couple pictures of American White Pelicans, I'm going ahead with this post showing a few of the many birds I've seen along the Humboldt River between Golconda and a little east of Preble. Pictures were taken on two days in mid-June and mid-July, essentially late spring and early mid-summer.
Snowy Egret perched on an old dam or abutment near Preble.
An egret or heron on a nest on the far bank (left), Snowy Egret on the same bank to the right.
Forster's Tern.
Two egrets, possibly Great Egrets (AKA Great White Egret or Great White Heron).
Western Grebe.
Turkey Vulture.
Blue Heron #1, flying over the river not far downstrem from Preble.
Blue Heron #2, same general location as #1.
Blue Heron #3, just below the dam east of Golconda.
Lower left: Snowy Egret. Upper center, blending in with the river: Blue Heron #3. Upper right: Great Egret. Hard to see, I know, although the photo will enlarge. It's easy to scare up some medium to large birds when approaching the dam, so next time we'll walk in, rather than drive.
Snowy Egret from the last photo, below the same dam.

Other birds I've seen: numerous Ravens, possibly a White-winged Scoter or two, several Mallards, Canada Geese, and some unidentified birds including what looked like a hovering, then diving or swooping, mostly brown hawk.

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