Friday, July 13, 2012

Quick Tour of Historic Golconda

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To get to Golconda, Nevada, don't follow the Google Maps (GM) directions, which will (currently) take you to the wrong side of the Humboldt River.
Instead, first take Exit 194, going east or west, off I-80.
If you exit from the east bound lane, a sign pointing toward "Mines" will turn you toward Golconda, which is north of I-80 on old U.S Route 40 (also, see Highway 40 in Nevada).
Then, at the junction of Old Highway 40 and Morrison Avenue, don't follow these signs 20 miles to Pinson or 28 miles to Turquoise Ridge; instead, go north on Morrison (the street in view just behind the signs) toward the river.
At Stanford, turn right (not left as in any GM directions you happen to be given) and, voilĂ , a street that has a couple remaining old buildings, including this one, looking fairly well kept...
...and this one, looking quite picturesque, but slightly frayed around the edges.
The colorful front of the second building, looking inside through broken glass.

After taking these first photos, I drove along the Humboldt River east of town, stopping here and there, watching birds and photographing a local dam, then came back into town on a dirt road that becomes Crocker Street according to GM.
A few more old buildings.

From here, I turned northward on Morrison, drove past Stanford, and stopped to take a few more shots.
A leaning barn or out building.

Interesting rock work.

Old ranch house.

Golconda at Nevada-Landmarks
Golconda at Backyard Traveler by Rich Moreno
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