Friday, July 6, 2012

Two Spots on the Humboldt River

The active channel of the Humboldt River, NV, at a fairly sharp bend.
An old meander, now filled with salt bush, wild rose, and other scrub, and frequented by many mosquitoes.

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These stitched photos were taken about three weeks ago near the site of Preble (just off the map to the west). The river was high and flowing forcefully. Birds were everywhwere. The road I took to get to the river was one of the tracks of the California Trail through Emigrant Canyon.

The birds haven't left (although those on nests may have been left high and dry), but the river has dropped dramatically, just over the course of my five-day, pre-4th break.

Looking at Google Earth (and the Google Map view), I've spotted a few oxbow lakes that are easy to get to or view from bluffs above the river. I had thought I might traverse some of the old meander scars while I was out there, but I found the scrub brush impenetrable and wasn't prepared for mosquitoes. Now, with the drop in the river, the lakes may be dry.


Hollis said...

Great to have some Nevada scenery to look at instead of working on this seemingly-endless report!

"Looking for Distraction" :)

Kea Giles said...


Silver Fox said...

@Hollis, I know about those endless reports! Pretty sure I've written at least one of them.

@Kea, I hope to have some bird pics up sometime, although I haven't even started working on that yet. Have seen pelicans there more than twice - but have yet to be able to get any pictures that look like more than just a white blob.

Utemike said...

Watch for California Trail markers in that area. About a two foot section of heavy rail atop a 3-4 post. It's been a long time, but I think there is one in the area you were in and another around the corner toward the Pumpernickel exit.