Friday, August 10, 2012

Tuscarora Loop

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This is a Google Maps version of a road trip MOH and I made back in early June. The loop part of the trip begins in Golconda, goes north on the Getchell Mine Road, east on the Midas Road, past the turnoff to Midas, across a bridge at Rock Creek, past the turnoff to the Hollister Mine and Ivanhoe mercury-gold district (not shown), up Willow Creek to the Willow Creek Reservoir, over the Tuscarora Mountains to Tuscarora, down S.R. 226 (or Tuscarora Highway) to the Taylor Canyon Resort, beyond the resort to S.R. 225 (or Mountain City Highway), south to Elko, and west on I-80 to Golconda. As a loop, one can essentially start anywhere, not necessarily at the gas station in Winnemucca where we started. The Midas Road from the turnoff to Hollister and over the mountains to Tuscarora isn't always open in winter and can be muddy in spring to early summer.

Places shown:
1. gas station in Winnemucca
2. not quite downtown Golconda
3. turnoff from Getchell Mine Road to Midas Road
4. Sawtooth dike
5. folds in rhyolite
6. turnoff to Midas
7. Rock Creek
8. Willow Creek Reservoir
9. Tuscarora
10. Taylor Canyon Resort
11. Elko
12. Golconda underpass
13. gas station in Winnemucca

Besides the pinnacles and "Nodding Rock" in the Midas area, we'll be seeing some other sights from along this route in the coming days and weeks. The Midas Area map will be added to as needed.

View Midas Area in a larger map

Places shown:
1. turnoff to Midas
2. Midas
3. pinnacles
4. "Nodding Rock"

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