Monday, August 20, 2012

Update from the Lake: Late Summer

A puff of smoke over a nearby mountain, early in the morning.
Fishing boat on the lake with more smoke from nearby forest fires.
One of our few blooming daisies in the early morning.

(The drip line has been off this year: we've been too busy and too far away to garden.)
Later: Out for a walk.
A parent Osprey exhorts one of two juveniles, still in the nest, to fly, already.

(At least that's what we think all of the screeching and hullabaloo was about, and maybe it was spurred on by the near constant smell of smoke in the air?)
Mama or papa Osprey flies away from the treetop nest.
Midday: More smoke over the water.
Evening: A bright orange-red sunset.


Tony Edger said...

Beautiful photos with an ominous subtext. How far are you from the fires?

Silver Fox said...

We're far enough not to be worried, but I keep an eye on for several fires including in the general area of where I'm working.