Friday, September 28, 2012

Views of Lassen

Rock fall sign in front of Lassen Peak.
We're back again at Lassen Volcanic National Park, this time with a few quick views of Lassen Peak; photos were taken in early September. Hopefully the sign refers to rockfall from slopes and roadcuts, and not to a volcano falling apart or exploding in any way!

This view of the peak, taken from a pullout approaching the Lassen Peak traihead parking lot—and right across the street from a volcanic breccia locality—begins to show what's at least locally or colloquially called Vulcan's Eye. A nearby area about 2 miles southwest of the peak is called Vulcans Castle (the USGS doesn't use apostrophes—this thread explains why, linking to this USGS document, see Chapter 5).

Lassen Peak and Vulcan's Eye from close to the pullout at Lake Helen.
Vulcan's Eye
I couldn't resist taking this last shot of the peak from Lake Helen, which is a nicely photogenic high-altitude lake.


Ron Schott said...

Just lovely!

Nina F said...

Thanks for the post! It just makes my plans to get there next month (after I leave Yellowstone) that much more firm. I want to see Vulcans eye!

Silver Fox said...

Thanks, Ron!

Silver Fox said...

Nina, glad you'll be getting a chance to visit. Check the road reports if there has been any weather!