Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Another Hike...More Ice

It was another icy, foggy morning, with hoarfrost covering everything in sight, and the Pogonip barely lifting from the ground.
Splotchy-pattered frost on the window, and the tree from the first photo beyond.
We, of course, headed up to Water Canyon as soon as the temperature warmed a bit. (The high for the day is listed at 13°F, so I'm not sure how much it warmed up, but it least it was warmer than the official low of -21°F!)

This time, rather than snowshoeing, we hiked, possibly using chains on our boots. This may have been the trip when our chains iced up, making walking awkward, and causing us to revert to just boots.
Partially frozen creek.
At the rocky area in the lower part, we found some unusual ice patterns, apparently caused by intermittent freezing and thawing of the creek.
Flow patterns in ice.
Intriguing flame-like structures in ice, with flowing water beneath.
Side trail into snow.
We came to point-three-mile canyon (which I have, in the past, erroneously called half-mile canyon), and didn't take the trail, although some intrepid snowshoer had been up and back at least once (a trail goes around the deadfall).

The creek and frozen waterfall at third-mile creek crossing was covered with ice thick enough to walk on. (Photo below: compare to this photo from my last post.)
I can see at least five layers of ice in this photo: the first is a broken one around the edge, the second is the one the surface hoarfrost is growing on.
Little, dark bubbles of air moving beneath the ice were almost the only clue that the creek wasn't frozen solid. A second clue was a faint gurgling sound.
A layer of needle and feather ice crystals (hoarfrost) on a thick, transparent layer of ice, with  less shapely ice and snow on a deeper, dark-looking layer of ice.
Sagebrush and shadows on frosted snow.
My feet finally froze, and we turned around.


Sunil said...

Beautiful pictures...

Silver Fox said...

Thanks, Sunil!

trav4adventures said...

Beautiful photos! Where is Water Canyon?

Silver Fox said...

Thanks! Water Canyon is just outside Winnemucca - if you click on the Location at the bottom of the blog, it will take you to a Google Maps map view of the area (I find the satellite view the best).