Friday, February 15, 2013

And Even More Ice!

On our third snowy, icy hike in mid-January, we came across even more ice crystals near the lower, rocky section of our Water Canyon trail, where the creek had frozen almost solid.
Ice and hoarfrost in frozen creek bed, two boots for scale.
Needle ice crystals on ice, with rocks poking through,
located in the upper left of the first photo.
Ice blades or feathers are like petals in an icy rose,
from the lower right of the first photo.
Gradually, the weather changed, overall temperatures warmed, and the ice fog left. Since then, we've had warmer days, more snow, a little more ice on one or two mornings, and most recently, some very clear, sunny days. Some think that winter is over, but it's only mid-February, and I really doubt it.


trav4adventures said...

Very interesting features on the ice! I just discovered your blog...apparently you follow mine (Deep Canyon)...Nice to meet you!
~~Cheryl Ann~~
(I used to collect rocks for my 3rd graders, but hubby threw out my rock collection!)... :-( Hehe...I still had some tucked away at school!

Silver Fox said...

Yeah, better keep a few rocks tucked away! :)

Found your blog after you commented here a few weeks ago. Thanks for reading!