Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Things You Find in the Field: Old Cabin...

...overlooking a currently inactive open-pit mine.

Cabin overlooking one of the old Willard pits.
The pit was in production from 1989 through 1992, with operations conducted by the now defunct Western States Minerals (which became or became managed by NewWest in 2006, which was bought by Fronteer in 2007, which was acquired by Newmont in 2011).

It looks like it would be a nice place to live provided mining in the future didn't eat into the front yard, and if only there was a tree or two and a nearby running stream. Oh well, can't have everything!

The area is visible and accessible, via dirt roads, from I-80 at the Coal Canyon exit. Mining claims on the property are currently active, so access may be partially restricted.