Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Textures from a Tufa Dome III

These are the last photos from this short mini-series showing textures of tufa from a tufa mound near Trinity, Nevada (read more about it and get directions to the spot here).

These photos show what appear to be a piece from the outer edge of a formerly spherical part of the tufa mound, like one I described here earlier, and ones seen in Figures 18 and 19 from Larry Benson's 2004 circular, The Tufas of Pyramid Lake.
Enlargement of the same piece.
I like the first photo for showing the bright orange lichen in the background. The second photo, besides being an enlargement, shows some pale to medium yellow lichen on the piece I'm holding.


Dan McShane said...

Nice series of posts

Silver Fox said...

Thanks, Dan! Shorter posts seem to be my forte these days.

ZielonaMila said...

Fantastic series of posts:) Greetings

Silver Fox said...

Thanks! Greetings to you, too :)