Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Update from the Lake: Tree Swallows and Raspberries

Tree swallow on cable.
This is a bit of a late update — I've already been there and back again — but these older photos are ready for posting, unlike any newer ones, so here they are.

The tree swallows (two mated pairs) had two nests going at our lake house this summer. This youngster (above) was one of the early batch of fledglings, at a time when a few baby birds were still being fed in the nest (in bird houses hanging here and there through the yard).
Raspberry bushes down by the river.
While there, MOH and I drove down to the river making a fairly large loop through the area of last year's burn. I didn't feel inspired to take pictures of the burn, and although some areas were absolutely scorched, many other areas survived quite well, including our favorite berry patch. Most flowers had fallen or faded, and little tiny green raspberries had taken their places. We went out and sat on a boulder in the sun.
Bonus shot #1: Lichen and ground cover plants on basalt boulder.
Bonus shot #2: trees and rocks, sun and shade.

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