Monday, August 19, 2013

What to Blog about Next: Version XVII or Thereabouts

(Not that I've been keeping track.)

I've been busy with various and sundry things, bloggable and unbloggable. First and foremost, my work schedule, with its essentially 12-plus-hour days, has been keeping me tied up much of the late winter, spring and summer. The long hours result primarily from fairly par-for-the-course long drive times to mines, projects, and field areas in northern Nevada.

I've started and left a few things behind during the last year or two of these longer work days, and I've got a couple things in process (or at least in mind for future posting):

1) In process/unfinished: my Geographic Center of Nevada posts, the last one here, with a list of those completed.

2) Ongoing but not posted to recently: my Highway 50 series — with a list of posts here (and although I updated the list recently, the list is likely incomplete).

3) Not really started, except for the driving part: driving old U.S. 40 (posts currently tagged highway 40).

4) New: a not started series (perhaps) of a recently completed large-loop road trip which, by state, went from NV, through UT, to and through CO, into northern NM, into AZ, back into NM, back into and through AZ, into and through southwestern UT, and back to NV, for a total of more than 2600 miles in 11 days. A map of this trip, with a few side trips and some details left out, is shown below. Sorry that I didn't have time to visit anyone located along the route (possibly including at least three or four geobloggers). We had a kind of whirlwind tour of the places where we weren't visiting family and friends, but did somehow manage to at least briefly visit five National Parks and Monuments, and passed quite close to at least three others.

View View Western trip in Larger Map in a larger map

Pictures of the trip will follow, possibly with very little commentary, perhaps on the order of what Lockwood has been doing with his Geo365 series over at Outside The Interzone, probably not as regularly.


Lockwood said...

Thanks for the shout-out! The nice thing about that format is it gives me complete freedom to write as much or as little as I'm inspired to. I can spend 5 minutes, or a couple of hours, depending on however I feel any particular day. It's been a lot of fun.

Looks like a great trip. I've always wanted to do that stretch of 80 west of Denver, but never had the chance.

Silver Fox said...

We were actually on U.S. 40 west of Denver, from about Salt Lake City. I-80 diverges from old 40 just east of SLC, going into Wyoming, while old 40 continues on into Vernal UT, past Dinosaur Natl Monument, then finally into Denver. It's not a bad road, has been upgraded some since the very old days, but goes over mucho Mancos Shale in western Colorado.