Thursday, May 1, 2014

Going to Majuba Hill Soon!

MOH and I will shortly be off on a field trip to a few nearby localities, including Majuba Hill, reportedly a great mineral and rock collecting site, seen here from I-80 looking northwest across Rye Patch Reservoir.

I might try posting from the field with pictures from my phone, but phone photos post at a size slightly too large for my blog styling, and they definitely are not as good as pictures I'll be taking with my camera. So we'll see if I try this somewhat time consuming activity.

Majuba Hill, besides having a wide range of economic elements including copper, tin, and uranium (I also hear there may be gold and silver), has been exposed to several intrusive events, and several varieties of breccia have been recognized. Read more here.

Selected Reference
Trites, A.F., Jr., and Thurston, R.H. (1958), Geology of Majuba Hill, Pershing County, Nevada, USGS Bulletin 1046-I: 183-203.


Matthew von der Ahe said...

Whether you do it from the field or when you get back, we'll be eager to read your postings on Majuba Hill. Thanks.

Silver Fox said...

Matthew, thanks for reading and commenting. I might be a bit slow getting things posted, having a few computer issues regarding photos - some of these have to do with adjusting to the new (to me) Windows 8 that I'm suddenly using, and trying to get everything set up right including getting my old programs back. It's been a slow process overall because of the limited time I have after work. But the trip was great!