Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Road to Majuba: The First Stop

The first stop on the second field trip day: RR xing in Imlay.
Same shot, looks too yellow and too saturated on my new computer.
I'm wondering how the two photos compare on other computers. On my new Thinkpad 440S with Windows 8.1, all the photos I enhance on the old computer — where I still have the programs I like to use until I get everything set up over here in the 8.1 world — look too saturated and too yellowish or greenish until I modify them with the new Photos app, a strange contraption of a program that works alright with a touchscreen. Any opinions?


Nina F said...

Interesting. I see the saturation. I've been messing around with my photos using Picasa, sometimes to heighten color and other times just for fun. Saturation often seems to bring out detail of rocks if the pic was taken in bright sunlight. I still have to adjust shadows, etc.

Silver Fox said...

I think I'd like some version of the photo that's about half way in between the two, because the upper one looks too reddish to me.

Short Geologist said...

Viewing on an ipad, I prefer the bottom one - the top definitely looks washed out to me.

Silver Fox said...

Thanks, Short Geologist - I'm still adjusting to this screen, but I do have all my usual edting tools back at hand now. I guess every single make of screen or monitor is a little different, so I can only really judge how it looks to me, unless I carry a white balance card with me and use it all the time!