Monday, May 12, 2014

The Road to Majuba: Keep Out Sign

Keep Out. Stay Out. 
The signs are a bit old, left over from a previous exploration company, Minterra Resources Corp, a company that no longer exists. By the time we reached this location on the switchbacks up to the Middle Adit, we had possibly passed a locked gate that had been opened by a field trip leader or rep from Max Resource Corp, the current owner/lessor. I'm not, however, positive that there was a locked gate: on the three day trip, we went through at least two or three locked gates, and I'm just not sure about the road to Majuba Hill.

The location below is shown on the most likely switchback.


Unknown said...

Glad to see the pictures of the Private Property sign are still up at Majuba. As noted, Minterra does not exist however the private, patented claims are owned by Claremont Nevada Mines, LLC. The phone number on the sign is still the correct one to call.

Silver Fox said...

And it's probably still under lease to Max Resources?