Monday, June 9, 2014

Views from Majuba Hill

Here are a few photoviews from Majuba Hill, while I get it together to take some rock photos:
Wooden structure (trestle and ore bin?) on the mine dump of the Middle adit.
Mindat has a photo showing what the above structure looked like in 1970, although the angle isn't great. At that time, the entrance to the adit was wooden (current view of the adit entrance at my previous post). You can see a good side view of the structure here (photo also from Mindat), as it looked in 1980. According to one source, there may have been a 1000-foot-long tramway leading from this site to an ore bin. I have a couple ideas where this could have run; maybe I'll get a chance to post the ideas later.
View looking off  toward the Humboldt Range.
Looking across an upper part of Rye Patch Reservoir at the Humboldt Range.
Star Peak, at 9836 ft (2998 m), is the tallest peak in this view. It's the pointy one on the left. Star Peak is one of the 57 peaks in the lower 48 with 5000 feet or more of prominence (prominence explained here with a map of peaks in the west), and it ranks #6 in prominence in Nevada. The round "hill" in the center is 8940 ft, and the seemingly lower hill a little right of center, which is a bit farther in the distance, is an unnamed peak at 9031 ft.


Matthew von der Ahe said...

Thanks for sharing with us the sere beauty of Nevada. It is pretty here in tree country where I live now (western Washington state), but I miss seeing the bones and skin of the earth like we can in Nevada.

Silver Fox said...

Sometimes being able to see the bones makes the geology a little clearer! Which I like.