Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Blogging from the Road

So, I thought I'd once again try blogging from the road, in this case the road to work (I-80, and what better way than with this phone shot of Majuba Hill).

This is a fairly difficult proposition on the phone while traveling in the back seat of a mostly comfortable truck, partly because of the awkwardness of punching out letters on the virtual keypad, partly because I can't really get an accurate preview of the post.


Hollis said...

yeah! it's the missing accurate preview that really bugs me and keeps me tied to my laptop

Silver Fox said...

I might try my small computer, which is kind of like a tablet - but then I'd have to pay to hook it up for a connection, or go to using LiveWriter or something like that, which I really don't want to try (especially since it can't really enable immediate posting). The "tablet" has a regular keyboard and trackpad (besides the touchscreeen I've now gotten used to so much that I'm always trying to scroll by dragging the screen on any computer!).