Thursday, June 30, 2016

Road Sign Thursday: Dust Storm!

Someone at US suggested, when posting a photo of a similar sign on eastbound I-70, that there is one speed limit for regular travelers and a second, lower speed limit for dust storms.

I took this photo in 2006 on I-70 in Utah, while MOH and I were traveling in an easterly direction. The sign was located near Cisco (location way below), and it's apparently no longer there, or anyhoo it isn't shown on the current rendition of Google Street View. The Colorado River is less than 10 miles to the south of the interstate, and one happens to be driving through an upland largely underlain by Mancos Shale, which often makes paved roads lose their originally smooth surface, leaving drivers and passengers alike to feel about the same as they would while driving over bad frost heaves on the Alaskan Highway between Destruction Bay, Yukon, and Tok, Alaska.

Anyway, this is my first post in an off-and-on series of Thursday road sign posts. Many of the signs I've photographed over the years are standard mileage signs, exit signs, warning signs (curves, low flying aircraft, what-have-you), regulatory signs (stop, yield, do-this, do-that), mileposts (often photographed so I'll know where a certain roadcut or outcrop was located along the road), and other signs, some of which have nothing to do with the road (Iditarod signs, pub signs, signs on and inside buildings): anywhere signs, in other words.


Anonymous said...

my good friend worked the shovel at round moutain when it first opened. His wife wanted to drive to fallon one day, he said NO, and went to work. Half way thru his shift a fellow employee approached, my friend said they guy did not even need to say anything , he knew something was wrong. While driving to Fallon in a dust storm they were rear ended by a cattle truck, killing his fist born son, we buried him in Austin Cemetary with our point collections. I visit his grave each year. His wife went on and had 2 more boys, I was so happy.

Silver Fox said...

I'm so sorry for you and your friend. Dust storms on roads and highways are serious matters. There was a bad one in Winnemucca on I-80 a couple years back. I wasn't there, but I always watch that dusty field anytime the wind picks up, and get on the old highway if I see hardly any dust at all. There are also a couple bad spots on the way out to the mines north of Preble.