Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Page of Inactive GeoBlogs

These are geoblogs that have moved or have been inactive through all or most of 2010 [updated early 2012 late 2013]; many have been inactive longer than that. There are several classics on this list, which are worth perusing if you haven't already. I'll leave you to the exploring.

+/- Science

Active Margin

Adventures in Geology and GeoHazards

All of My Faults are Stress Related (Sb) - back at All of My Faults are Stress-Related - both inactive

A Long Way to Go

Antimonite (offline)

Apparent Dip

Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine

Arizona State Mine Inspector

Around the Bend

Awesome Froth (offline)

Barriers explained!

Beyond the Moho

Cambriangirl (offline)

Carbonate Sedimentology


Christie at the Cape

Chrsphr (offline?)


Clastic Detritus - moved to Clastic Detritus (Wired)
Clastic Detritus (Wired) - moved back to Clastic Detritus

Communicating Geoscience

cryology and co.  - see David Bressan here and here


Daisy's Geology Blog (offline)

Dave's Landslide Blog - moved to The Landslide Blog (AGU)

Dracovenator (blogspot) - now at Dracovenator

Dendritic Impressions

Denison Geoblog (offline) - now active!!

Dude Diligence

Dynamic Earth- now reactivated!! - now inactivated again :(

Earth InsightCache

Earth Science Erratics - currently inactive but available for guest posts!


Eat. Sleep. Geology

Eclectic Plagiodoxy -- occasionally active

Educated Erosion

EffJot- now reactivated!!

Emily Erratic

En Morrenas

En Tequila Es Verdad (blogspot) - now at En Tequila Es Verdad (Freethought Blogs)

Eruptions (Sb) - moved to Eruptions (Big Think)
Eruptions (Big Think) - now at Eruptions (Wired)

ESPM-Earth Sci Processes at Manchester

EXPLICITLY UNEXPLICIT - appears to be offline 12Feb2012


FLC Geo News (german) and (english)

GeoCastAway (blogspot) - now at GeoCastAway

Geologia Marinha e Costeria

Geologic Froth - moved to Geologic Froth (dead link) - move to Geologic Froth (also dead?) - UPDATE: now possibly archived here.

Geologic Frothings - also moved to Geologic Froth (dead link) - moved to Geologic Froth (also dead) - UPDATE: moved to GeoFroth, although this also seems inactive.

(NOTE: I find all these many versions of Froth hard to follow; see the new-ish webpage, Impossible Geology, which houses a new blog and archives of some of older P.K.House blogs: Geologic Froth and others.


Geology Blues

Geology Rocks

Geology and the World

geologygeek (offline) - now see lithics

Geology for Global Development (blogspot) - now at Geology for Global Development (EGU)

Geology Melange

Georneys - moved to Georneys (AGU)



Green Gabbro (Sb)

Good Schist (offline) and Goodschist

Harmonic Tremors - now see Seismogenic Zone (which is inactive also)

Highly Allochthonous (offline at Sb) - moved to Highly Allochthonous (
Highly Allochthonous Archive (blogspot) - see above

Hindered Settling (blogspot) - now at Hindered Settling (wordpress)

Hypotheses (wordpress & great resource) - now see Hypo-theses


Hypocentre's Posterous (offline)

Igneous by choice Geoblog

In Terra Veritas

Indiana Meg

Johannes Lochmann

JY's 雜記 (offline)

Knowledge Flocs

Laelaps (Sb) - moved to Laelaps (Wired)

Landslides under Microscope

Liberty, Equality, and Geology (blogspot) now at Liberty, Equality, and Geology (wordpress)

Life as a geologist

Life is like a rock... - now reactivated!! - now inactivated again :(


Magma Cum Laude - moved to Magma Cum Laude (AGU)

Meanderings of a Mermaid - active but no geology

me and the laurentide ice sheet (offline) - moved to poorlysorted - erratically active

Meta-geologist - now at Metageologist (


Mi tierra se mueve

Mountain Beltway - moved to Mountain Beltway (AGU)

Mountain Cat Geology

MSU Geology in the Field

My Geologic Adventures

NBMG - NV Bur Mines & Geology (offline)

Nig-eosyncline - now at Failed Rift

NOLÖGIC - (offline)

Not Necessarily Geology

NOVA Geoblog - now at Mountain Beltway (AGU)

NSF Geophysicists in Haiti - Jan - Feb 2010 only

Oblate Spheroid

Office of Redundancy Office


...Or Something - now at Clastic Detritus (Wired) - now at Clastic Detritus (wordpress)

Ordinary High Water Mark

Paleowave (offline)

Pawn of the Pumice Castle

Pathological Geomorphology (offline) - now archived on Impossible Geology/Geopathology.

Petrified Wood

Phreatic Ramblings

Point Source - occasionally active!!

Pools and Riffles- now reactivated!! -- now inactive

Reel Geology: The Good, the Bad and...

Ripples in Sand

Rising to the Occasion - may be back!!

Roads of Stone

Rockin' the Himalayas

Rocks and water: a tectonics blog (offline?)

Rocks Math!

Rockscape Geology

Romania Rocks


Scenic Overflight

Sedimentary Basins and Petroleum Geology

Sedimentary Soliloquy

Seismogenic Zone

Sense of Shear (offline)

Shaking Earth

Shifting Paradigms

Sinuosity (offline)

Sismordia - Seismology at Concordia

Southern Exposure

Stories in Stone (blogspot) - now at Stories in Stone Blog (

Structural Geology

Stubborn as a Rock (offline)

Ten Million Years of Solitude (offline)

Terra Incognita (offline)

Terra Motus

The Great Winter of 2008-2009

The Ethical Palaeontologist (offline) - now at Stages of Succession (offline)

The Lost Geologist

The Transantarctic Mountains

The Volcanism Blog

Uncommon Vistas

Uncovered Earth (offline)


UnEarthed Tees' Geology News

Volcanic Activity Blog

Volcanista: a magmalicious blog



WATCH FOR ROCKS – - – - – Travels of a Sharp-eyed Geologist - now at WATCHING FOR ROCKS – - – - – Travels of a Sharp-eyed Geologist

Water and the Same Time (blogspot) - now at Water and the Same Time (wordpress) - inactive

Watershed Hydrogeology Blog - now at Dr. Anne Jefferson's Watershed Hydrology Lab


Zona de Cizalla (offline)

These blogs have been deleted from my sidebar (except when reactivated or sporadically active), and are now shown as one link: A List of Some Inactive GeoBlogs (this post). There are several more inactive geoblogs; you can find a complete list here, a list that includes sites that don't exist anymore and are just names. If you think you shouldn't be on this list, let me know. If you reactivate, you may reappear on the regular sidebar.

My sidebar does not link to all geoblogs.

The list, as continually updated, shows blogs inactive for about a year (or more). Last updated 8Dec2013


hoe said...

And another one called "Lore Deposit"


Silver Fox said...

Happy New Year!

I've just listed ones I had links to on my sidebar, and I can't find anything about the "Lore Deposit." Must be totally defunct? Or non-public?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this and your sidebar. I know I have used your sidebar and links many a time to follow other things that I think will be interesting to me. I like the way you reference things so others can refer to them too.

Silver Fox said...

I've gotten quite a number of hits on this post, which surprised me considerably - I posted primarily so I could rearrange my sidebar.

Glad you've found it useful!

effjot said...

Hi, you were right about placing my blog in the inactive list back then. However, life has returned now (although not always in English).

And the amount of hits may be explained by everybody on the list getting a trackback and looking here. ;-)

Silver Fox said...

Effjot, am scratching you out and putting you back on the sidebar. :)

effjot said...

Thanks! So now I have to continue working hard to stay there. ;-)