Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Fossil Day

It's Friday Fossil Day, and although all my fossils are boxed up or at my other home - I'm here at my little house in the "Nevada outback" - you can see fossils on several other geoblogoshperic sites:

Nova Geoblog has some neat Silurian fossils, including trilobites, my favorite (next to dinosaurs).

Geotripper has a Mesozoic fossil from the Sierra Nevada.

Clastic Detritus has a very nice, and possibly popular (see comments) crinoid fossil from New Mexico. Crinoids are some of my favorite friends. UPDATE: Mel has a photo of the same crinoid at Ripples in Sand. has a link to a new plesiosaur fossil from a mine in Canada.

And Dinochick often has some good dinosaur fossils and other paleontological information, including a recent post about the Gray Fossil Museum. UPDATE: Dinochick has some wonderful stromatolites for Fossil Friday - 1.1 billion years old!

UPDATE: The Lost Geologist has a mysterious fossil for his Weekend Fun series.

Search around, and you will probably find some more good fossil pictures and sites!

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