Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Survivor is a Meme?

It seems that the email I posted about yesterday, which came from the Uncyclopedia, has been cited in several blogs, sometimes as thought it's reality (or a silent spoof?). Here are a few:

Isaac at Think Deviant, March 8, 2008.
John Wilkins at Evolving Thoughts, March 7, 2008.
Chris Keating at Tales from the Travels, February 28, 2008.
This post at jetxt.de, February 27, 2008.
Steph Stockman at Geosteph, September 4, 2007.

So, this is nothing new - been going around awhile like a bad winter bug.


Kim said...

It got forwarded around my department yesterday, just after you posted it. It's made a lot of people laugh.

Silver Fox said...

Well, I felt a little silly finding out it's been all over the net - I actually first saw it in an email sometime last year. People were laughing in my office, too - and that's good.

John Wilkins said...

I indicated it was a spoof. I just liked the fact that it got the geologists I know down pat.

Silver Fox said...

I think you said "humorous and possibly true" - I was surprised by the number of blogs I found referencing the article, and some of them either were unclear as to the reality of it, or thought it was reality. I liked it for getting geologists pretty well, also - see my original post here, if you didn't already! :-)