Saturday, March 15, 2008

Today: A Day Off

Well, I'm going to try a little blog post about a typical day off out here in the outback of Nevada. I'm not working today, but am out in the field; that is, I am not at home, my primary place of residence, but am at "our little house," where MOH and I reside a good portion of the time, working or otherwise.

Today was supposedly a day of getting ready for work, but it actually has been a day of relaxing and reading and enjoying. I managed to run a few errands around town, without actually overdoing it - I mean, I didn't get everything done that I'd planned to do, and goofed off some, instead. While out, I washed and waxed my truck at one of those self-service places, and nearly froze my fingers off. My truck now weighs about 2 tons less than before because of all the mud that's gone.

We are experiencing a return of cold weather, with tomorrow's forecast low being below 10 F and forecast high being barely above freezing. A warming trend is supposed to set in again in a couple days, going for lows in the 20's to highs in the 50's (Fahrenheit).

I suspect that we could still get some snow...

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