Saturday, August 8, 2009

Carnival of the Arid #6 is Up!

The sixth Carnival of the Arid (CotA#6) is up, over at Coyote Crossing. Ole Nielsen and I were the only GeoBloggers to enter the carnival this time, mine about a few lizards at West Gate, his about why the Atacama and Namib Deserts are so dry. As always, Chris Clarke has a great write up for all entries, so be sure to go see this CotA. And if that's not enough enticement, a photo of mine was used in one of the other submissions!

There is some discussion of whether or not to continue the Carnival of the Arid, so if you have been enjoying this carnival, or would like to submit an entry to it in the future, please head over and add your two cents (or more if you have them).

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