Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Update from the Lake: Early Morning with Hummingbirds

I didn't take many photos on our recent trip to the lake, even though we were there together longer than we have both been there for many months. Our flowers are blooming, and the drip system is working well, other than one drip-sprinkler blowout that probably happened only a few days before we arrived. And we missed most of the heat - barely - which is a good thing, because we haven't turned our swamp cooler on for two years.

I did wander around the yard a bit, and early one morning (we were there all of three mornings) I found the light in the backyard looking the way it does when the sun is just barely up. (The backyard looks a little weedy, but that's another story.)
I also managed to catch two hummingbirds flying around and hovering overhead, at least briefly.

The hummingbirds weren't around long enough for me to identify them, and they were too high in the sky, anyway. They seemed small for hummingbirds, but it could have just been the angle.


Chris M said...

Well your options are Black-chinned or Calliope Hummingbird. Calliope is smaller, but Black-chinned is much more common (especially in someone's backyard).

Silver Fox said...

Chris, did you choose those two hummingbirds because they are most common in Nevada? In Reno (in the past), I've seen quite a range of hummingbirds, although I don't have my life list with me, so can't check it. (I should start taking that with me everywhere, or make a second copy!)

Based on the actual location, I don't think I can rule out Costa's hummingbird, but don't know if I've seen it in the area or not. Anna's has a pretty straight beak, so that's probably not it. Also, the backyards of the area are almost entirely wild. Black-chinned is the most common though.

The lake area is in northern California. If interested, email me! :)