Wednesday, August 12, 2009

GeoBloggers in the Pub Photos

Here are a few photos from the meetup-tweetup we had in late July at the 21st Amendment Brewery in downtown San Francisco. I think that eventually there will be a podClast, at least according to this post!

Bloggers and microbloggers shown - in order of appearance - are Andrew Alden of About Geology, Cian Dawson of @cbdawson, Chris Town of goodSchist, Brian Romans of Clastic Detritus, and Dave Schumaker of The Geology News Blog.


Christie Rowe said...

can we do it again at agu????

Andrew Alden, Oakland Geology blog said...

Don't see why not. But first comes GSA.

BTW the agate ring is on my hand; nice catch. Here's a closeup.

Silver Fox said...

I won't be at AGU, but I think there was a meetup there last year. Am looking forward to meeting at GSA. Christie, will you be at GSA?

Thanks for the link to a better photo, Andrew.