Monday, August 24, 2009

An Early Morning at the Lake

It's an early morning at the lake, and although it is relatively cool this morning - 41° and 53° F at two nearby towns and 59° F inside the house - this is a good time to wander around the yard looking for birds, deer, and other nature in general. I am, however, not outside wandering around the house but, instead, am inside having coffee. The coffee is a requirement.

And so, what can one see if one braves the chill with coffee cup in hand? Trees, like this ponderosa pine, tower overhead as I walk through the front yard.
Aspen leaves and pine needles glow in the early morning sun.
Berries of some kind, at least those few that the birds haven't gotten, hang from branches of a currently unknown bushy tree (or tree-y bush?) in the overgrowth and brambles that comprise a good portion of our backyard.
Looking carefully while wandering around, one can find a few hints of fall, although the aspens aren't even thinking about turning color yet - that's really for later.
And high up in a nearby snag, this band-tailed pigeon was hanging around, cooing, it's back warmed by the early morning sun.

My blogging recently has been a little less than sporadic, after a good start to the month. I've been distracted by some personal things, by life in general. A retreat at the lake sometimes leads to renewal, although I've been bird-watching more than blogging. And today, I'm off to The Big City, for shopping and more coffee.


Gaelyn said...

I too feel fall on its way. Hope you had a great day in the city.

Silver Fox said...

Our city trip was a successful, albeit long one. And as far as weather goes, it's cooler today than yesterday!

Carol said...

I can picture some of the country you roam in. My husband and I used to drive truck and spent a lot of time going through places like Tonapah. So different from FL. and so beautiful.

Silver Fox said...

Carol, neat that you spent some time driving through places like Tonopah. These lake pictures aren't from that area, though, they are far away in another mountainous terrane.