Friday, April 9, 2010

Things You Find in the Field: Stingaree Valley

One wintry day a couple years ago, I stopped alongside the road - Highway 50, that is - in Stingaree Valley, the "Earthquake Faults" valley, between West Gate and Drumm Summit (over the north end of Fairview Peak). That's Chalk Mountain in the right middleground, with Dixie Valley and the south end of the Stillwater Range beyond that.
Part of an old soda machine.
Other miscellaneous metal items, all shot up during target practise.
An abstract wire sculpture.

There's a lot of old stuff lying near the road in Stingaree Valley. Perhaps we'll see some more of it someday. :)


Chuck said...

In the SE Northern Territory, you can find bits of old rockets that the British tested in the 60's as part of their ballistic missile program...

Silver Fox said...


There are places around the southwest where one could find things like that - but usually those areas are posted, and if you get near the Keep Out signs or fences (if present), they show up within 15-30 minutes in helicopters to kick you off. Gunnery and bombing ranges and such.

Silver Fox said...

In fact, rumor has it, they don't just kick you off, they take you to the base somewhere to ask you WTF you were doing out there! Some areas like this abut mining districts, with prospects and old mines (and potential drilling targets) continuing across fences and boundaries. Really tempting to go across, but not a good idea.