Sunday, June 13, 2010

North to Alaska - Take Two

The cool, cloudy, rainy weather we've been having the last couple days is making me think about Alaska, so I started looking into this classic Johnny Horton song - then I realized I was planning on placing it in my road song category, and it isn't one! No highways, roads, streets, byways, trucks, trains - just ships, a team of huskies, and a lot of travel. So it's a travel song. Oh, and by the way, the snow-covered mountain in the video is Denali, located more than just a little southeast of Nome. Johnny Horton, North to Alaska Single: 1960 Album: Greatest Hits, 1961 If you haven't seen the movie North to Alaska with John Wayne, it's well worth for the context and because it's an old classic, but the song is better than the movie. Also, be sure to check out the version I wrote, if you haven't already.

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