Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Three Years Ago Today: East Side of Honey Lake

Three years ago today, while driving between somewhere and somewhere else, I came upon this cool oasis in the greasewood zone below the sagebrush steppe on the northeast side of Honey Lake, CA. The locality is probably marked on this map as Flowing Wells.
The peaks to the north are the high, unnamed peaks of the Amedee Mountains, Just behind these peaks are the higher peaks of the Skedaddle Mountains, which are part of a fairly old basaltic shield volcano, now eroded and long inactive. The volcanic rocks on Skedaddle Mountain are broadly shown as Pliocene to Pleistocene in age on the Westwood (Susanville) sheet of the Geologic Map of California.
Mmm... cool shade and water.
And, if you happen to be of the exploratory or wandering type, there appears to be a trail heading into the distance, across the playa, toward the Diamond Mountains.

Some References:
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