Thursday, June 17, 2010

Park Meme

tetonsLockwood started it (I saw it first at Mountain Beltway). He grabs two new lists from National GeographicOur Amazing Planet“: the Ten Most Visited National Parks and the Ten Least Visited National Parks (in the U.S.). Says Lockwood: Bold the ones you have visited, and italicize the ones you’ve never heard of before.

Most visited:
10: Glacier
9: Acadia
8: Grand Teton - see The Tetons in Brief.
7: Cuyahoga Valley
6: Rocky Mountain - I've been near this park, not sure if in it.
5: Olympic - only seen it from a distance and from the air.
4: Yellowstone - see Accretionary Wedge: A Time Warp!
3: Yosemite
2: Grand Canyon
1: Great Smoky Mountains [NOTE: I corrected the spelling on this one!]

Least Visited:
10: City of Rocks NR, Idaho
9: Cumberland Island NS, Georgia
8: Florissant Fossil Beds NM, Colorado
7: Chiricahua NM, Arizona
6: Tonto NM, Arizona
5: Dry Tortugas NP, Florida
4: Katmai NP & Preserve, Alaska (I would like to see this one.)
3: Kalaupapa NHP, Hawaii
2: Hagerman Fossil Beds NM, Idaho
1: Russel Cave NM, Alabama

Haven't seen very many on the most visited list, none on the least visited list. Hmm...


Gaelyn said...

I love this idea and am reposting it. We all need to get out more to our National Parks.

Silver Fox said...

Well, you've been to more than I have! :)

Dan McShane said...

Of the most visited I have been to all ten although I visited Cuyahoga Valley twice before it was designated a NP.
As for the least visited the only one I have been to is City of Rocks

Silver Fox said...

Well, you've been to a lot - more than most meme players!