Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hydrogeology Dream: Paddling Upstream

This isn't quite a geology dream, perhaps it's a little more like a hydrogeology dream. The dream begins in a small town in the northerly part of a westerly state, downtown near a restuarant known for it's historical artifacts, semi-unusual food or style of serving said food, and dark, knotty wood inside and out. Possibly we walk around for awhile, MOH and I, and maybe others, like one or both of my parents, are there in the beginning.

MOH and I go up a road where one branch or side creek of a major local river comes down out of the northerly mountains, perhaps walking or driving at first. After a short while, we are going up the side branch in a boat, possibly a canoe. We paddle. This is uphill in real life and uphill in the dream, but we are not really paddling upstream. It's kind of a null current, or something undefined, the way things are in dreams sometimes. Possibly impossible in real life, our paddling is not at all impossible in the dream. The area is all golden colored., as though hydrothermally altered by nearby hot springs.

And so, after paddling uphill a ways, we come to the place where there is a little park or side creek in real life. In the dream, this area is covered with a large building. We go into the building, possibly still paddling our little boat. I'm not clear about paddling to go inside, but it is as though the river goes through the building (or under it?) and then contninues out on the other side.

Oh, did I forget to say that all this time we have been going almost due north? Well, not quite due north, just a hair east of north.

The building consists mostly of one large room with a high ceiling. Tables and chairs are set out like it's a large dining area. The place is brown; everything has a brown tone, although I suspect it's mostly that the walls are made of dark brown paneling, somewhat rough-cut wood, probably stained or painted dark brown. Dark brown like this: BROWN.

The woman there - possibly there is a man, also, but he is not as clear to me - is also kind of brown: brown hair, vaguely olive skin - and she reminds me of someone, someone friendly and helpful, possibly overly helpful. L! Well, not helpful IRL, but friendly, rather rough cut herself, and of Italian descent.

It seems that she wants us to stay, possibly she has set a meal out or has one ready to set out. But we are having none of that. We didn't come here to stay, we came becuase the river brought us here, we will now follow it onward.

So we move on, leaving out in our canoe through an opening like a broad door on the northeast side of the large room. The river goes downhill, and we go with it, still in a generally northerly direction, perhaps a bit more to the northeast than to begin with. The area is still golden colored, maybe even more so.

From the morning of 08Sep2010.


Gaelyn said...

OK, what did you eat?

Silver Fox said...


GeologyJoe said...

just stoppin' in to read and say Hi. thanks for keeping me in your blogroll.

Silver Fox said...

Hey, GeoJoe! Thanks for stopping in! I check in over at your place now and then, also. Have less time overall to comment than I used to. :(

Anonymous said...

I had a very similar dream to this one. The only thing that really differed is that the building was white and over top of the water and right before it there was a water fall that my passenger and I went up with ease. Oh yeah, there were quite a number of people there that I saw, both men and women and all around the same age. Only remember walking into the building, not what it looked like inside. Did you ever find out what it meant?

Silver Fox said...

I don't know other than it was easy, following the river is like following a path in life, and that someone wanted us to stay but we wanted to go on. I'd have to re-read my original notes to know more!