Friday, October 15, 2010

First Frost: 2010

Compared to 2008 and 2009, frost is a little late this year. This photo from the 9th of this month, taken at a location very close to the these photos from the 12th of September, 2008, was the first frost seen at our coreshed, though we did have some hail in an icy storm about a week prior.
At our little house, the first frost of 2010 came later, just two days ago on the 12th of October, as seen on my windshield while driving to work. Last year, in 2009, we had a hard, killing freeze on September 30th, and had our first snow on October 4th. So far, no snow for 2010 (except in the high mountains above 9000 feet, which happened a couple weeks back).
As I drove farther up the road... became clear that the ice on my windshield had been deposited by a Pogonip ice fog.



Gaelyn said...

Oh brrrrr... Haven't seen frost here yet. Unless I'm just not up early enough to see it.

Lockwood said...

There is nothing that chills me to the bone like freezing fog- though the frost that can come out of it is lovely, it makes me feel miserable.

Dana Hunter said...

Oh, joy, cold weather approacheth. Whee.

It's nice to look at from inside a heated house, anyway. ;-)

Dan McShane said...

Looks like you beat Bellingham by a day. Hard ice on the grass, roof and cars this morning for our first frost, but the frost may be mostly radiant cooling of surfaces versus actual sub freezing temps. And here frost is good news - it will be sunny versus rain.

Silver Fox said...

I like winter coming on, though am glad the frost held off for our garden this year. And now it's warmed up a little, perhaps, so maybe the chard will keep going a while longer.