Monday, October 25, 2010

Two Years Ago Today: Above Bowman Creek Camp

Taking a quick break from our regularly scheduled Backroads:Ophir editions, I'll flash back to another creek on the east side of the Toiyabe Range of central Nevada, that being Bowman Creek, which I visited two years ago in search of lost memories, lost campsites, and lost people. While at Bowman Creek — two years ago today — I drove up the dirt road on the south side of the Bowman Creek fan to an area with some old buildings, including this run-down stone cabin.
I don't know anything about the history of these buildings; they are located near a little turnout in the road south of Bowman Creek (MSRMaps) and camoflauged by trees in the related airphoto.
It was autumn, the leaves were falling, and the old cabins or homesteads were picturesque. This is the larger and more intact of two wooden buildings, made of logs, beams, and boards, with lots of clay chinking.
Some purple daisies or asters, sagebrush, and fall leaves near the doorway of the larger wooden building.
From the inside of the large building, I could see the second wooden building...
...and I could see blue sky through the rafters.
The partially collapsed, second wooden structure.
I wandered on down to a patch of tall cottonwood trees just below the dirt road and old cabins.
Because of the trees, I suspect this was a ranch area, although there are a few prospects and old mine adits up Bowman Creek, so the buildings could have been old miner's shacks.
The wind was blowing and leaves were falling.
I finally captured one.
After sitting in the falling leaves for a while...
...I headed back down the road.

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