Monday, October 25, 2010

First Snow 2010

We had our first snow early this morning, although it was very light as far as accumulation. Here is the sum total that stuck on our garden plants.
A pair of tomatoes face the snowfall in our front yard garden area, which overall was not as productive as the backyard area.
Within two hours all the snow had melted, and the sun was out for most of the afternoon, until some low scud clouds blew in just before sunset.
And here's a few of my garden rocks; most are buried beneath Swiss chard leaves. The chard is holding up well, though I keep hearing that temps are going to drop below 20° F, any day now.
No snow on these leaves, which I swear were redder than what I could photograph.
These fallish leaves were spotted while I was meandering about on my afternoon walk.

The first snow of 2007 was on October 6th.

The first snow of 2008 was on October 10th.

The first snow of 2009 was on October 4th.

The first snow of 2010 was on October 25th: considerably later, but it could have snowed lightly last week when we weren't here, though temperatures suggest otherwise.

UPDATE 27Oct2010: The first hard freeze of 18° F came early this morning. It had frozen and slightly wilted the chard yesterday, but this morning, gardening ended. Now, blanching begins!


Gaelyn said...

That's a pretty consistent time for first snow fall. I won't be ready for any of that white stuff for at least another a month or two.

Silver Fox said...

And today, although it's sunny, the temp hasn't gotten above freezing yet!