Friday, March 25, 2011

Recent Morning Views

Sunrise from the road to work, March 19th.
A dusting of snow in the parking lot, March 20th, the vernal equinox.
A messy road going into the canyon, March 21st.
Early morning moon over two limestone formations, March 22nd. Snow blows and drifts deep later in the day.
Getting gas amidst the falling snow, March 24th.

And some call this spring. Maybe next month.


Dana Hunter said...

Was having a rather terrible morning until I saw that photo of the moon glowing over limestone. Fair took my breath away, that did! Thank you, and hugs!

Silver Fox said...

Thanks for the hugs - and for you, too. (Sounds like you need some.) I got really lucky with the moon shot, and had to dig my camera out from a deeply buried spot in one of my go-to-work bags.

Gaelyn said...

Just don't hold your breath for spring. I expect to snow on the North Rim when I get there next month.

Silver Fox said...

I always expect at least some snow here through the end of May, even sometimes into June. Not that it always happens, but winter clothes can't go away until then.

Of course, the North Rim is higher than my house by at least 500 feet, maybe 1000.