Saturday, October 29, 2011

Alcan Geology Series

My two posts on Folded Mountain are perpetually popular, at least from searches, so I've put together this mini-series of roadside geology along the Alcan, or Alaska Highway, or Highway 97 (British Columbia). If I knew more about the geology along that road, I might post more of my photos from my several trips.

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Some Alcan Mileage Links

I also have two more posts about Canada, with some introductory or basic geology:
     Where in the West: October 2010
     Where in the West: Rose Spit, B.C., Canada


Nina Fitzgerald said...

Love the folds! I have some images from 2008 of awesome folding on hwy 40 in SE British Columbia that I should post.

Silver Fox said...

Not sure exactly where that is, but definitely do a post!