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A few links about SOPA and PIPA:

STOP SOPA, SAVE THE INTERNET - Boing Boing, 11Nov2011

Good Idea, Poor Follow-Through: Congress' Mistakes with SOPA - ACLU, 16Nov2011

Sandia Labs: SOPA will 'negatively impact' U.S. cybersecurity - CNET, 17Nov2011

Free Speech Takes a Beating - ACLU, 18Nov2011

What Can the Average Person Do to Stop SOPA? - Forbes, 18Nov2011

Stop #SOPA: Using the Internet to Save the Internet - The Huffington Post, 28Nov2011

How SOPA will hurt the free web and Wikipedia - Wikimedia blog, 13Dec2011

Stop SOPA - Dave Schumaker, 13Dec2011

Urge Congress to Stop SOPA! - ACLU, 14Dec2011

SOPA Fixes Isolate Opponents, especially Google - Forbes 14Dec2011

Dear Congress, It's No Longer OK To Not Know How The Internet Works - Motherboard, 16Dec2011

How SOPA Could Ruin My Life - Forbes, 16Dec2011

Why SOPA Could Kill the Open Education Resource Movement - GOOD, 16Dec2011

Stop Online Piracy Act Debate Highlights Congress' Ignorance - Truthout, 29Dec2011

Let's support Internet Blackout Day - Ontario Geofish, 4Jan2012

Latest revision of the bill shows that SOPA doesn't affect US (domestic) websites... - Reddit, 5Jan2012 (?)

With Congress on break, SOPA fight continues - CNN Tech, 6Jan2012

SOPA sponsor Rep. Lamar Smith to SOPA opponents: You don’t matter - Digital Trends, 6Jan2012

Eight Top Internet Firms Back Alternative To SOPA - ReadWriteWeb, 7Jan2012

What kind of country messes with Internet Freedoms? - Greg Laden's Blog, 7Jan2012

Congressman drops support for SOPA - Boing Boing, 9Jan2012

'Internet Censorship'? Would Websites Go Dark Battling Hollywood? - ABC, 9Jan2012

Stopped they must be; on this all depends. - Blog.Reddit, 10Jan2012

Lockdown: The coming war on general-purpose computing - Boing Boing, 10Jan2012 (?)

Help Stop SOPA/PIPA - WordPress, 10Jan2012

The Internet Strikes Back: Reddit Going Full Blackout to Protest SOPA Betabeat, 11Jan2012

Reddit's SOPA Blackout Admirable, But Google and Facebook Must Follow - Forbes, 11Jan2012

SOPA foes warn: Not much time left to act - CNET, 11Jan2012

SOPA fight in 'last rounds,' says senator at CES - Computerworld, 11Jan2012

If Facebook Won't Stop SOPA, We Can Do It For Them - Forbes, 12Jan2012

SOPA: Anonymous To Protest Anti-Piracy Bill On January 18 - The Huffington Post, 12Jan2012

SOPA: The gloves come off - Fortune Tech, CNNMoney, 12Jan2012

SOPA – yeah, not a good idea - Compound Eye at SciAm, 13Jan2012

Combating Online Piracy while Protecting an Open and Innovative Internet - The White House, 14Jan2012

Obama Administration responds to We the People petitions on SOPA and online piracy - The White House Blog, 14Jan2012

Obama administration joins the ranks of SOPA skeptics - Ars Technica, 14Jan2012

UPDATED: SOPA is DYING; its evil Senate twin, PIPA, lives on - Boing Boing, 16Jan2012

SOPA Dead (for now) But PIPA is Not - Greg Laden's Blog, 16Jan2012

In Protest Of Anti-Piracy Bill, Wikipedia To Go Dark - NPR, 16Jan2012

Wikipedia Going Dark to Protest SOPA - Mashable, 16Jan2012

It's Baaaaaaaaack: Lamar Smith Says SOPA Markup To Resume In February - Techdirt, 17Jan2012

LFD is Going Dark on January 18th - Looking for Detachment, 17Jan2012

In Protest Of SOPA And PIPA - Maitri's VatulBlog, 17Jan2012

Why SOPA is Dangerous - Mashable, 17Jan2012

Stop SOPA: What A Blacked Out Internet Looks Like - ReadWriteWeb, 18Jan2012

Which Anti-SOPA Protest Was More Effective, Wikipedia's or Google's? - The Atlantic, 18Jan2012

me too -- stop SOPA, PIPA - In the Company of Plants and Rocks, 18Jan2012

Content Blocked by SOPA/PIPA - Martian Chronicles, 18Jan2012

Blocked by SOPA/PIPA - Hudson Valley Geologist, 18Jan2012

SOPA/PIPA - GeoMika, 18Jan2012

Jean-Luc Picard on the dangers of limiting our liberties. - Emily L. Hauser—In My Head, 18Jan2012

apagón SOPA - eg,, 18Jan2012 (a list of #SOPAblackout sites)

The Day the LOLCats Died
h/t @Mashable

PIPA and SOPA Co-Sponsors Abandon Bills - Mashable, 19Jan2012

The Week That Killed SOPA: A Timeline - Mashable, 20Jan2012

MegaUpload case proves we don’t need SOPA or PIPA - GigaOM, 20Jan2012

SOPA and PIPA postponed indefinitely after protests - CNNMoney, 20Jan2012


Please note: This blog is fully copyright protected, and I am against illegal copyright infringement. I am, however, standing with the EFF and ACLU on this one.

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