Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Too Much to Possibly Post About

Sometimes I get a kind of writing block that has to do with too many possibilities: too many photos, too many things I've seen and could or could have posted about, too many ideas. I've got photos of things of interest going back at least into early December (actually, even earlier than that); some of these potential posts could be quite short and sweet, and yet that doesn't make it easier for me to consider posting them. Many are no longer timely the way they would have been had I posted them within a week of the events, hikes, etc., many could be posted any time, really, whether or not time has passed.

I also have gotten into a kind of mode where I think I'm too busy to post (and I have been, for various reasons, but may not really be right at the moment), and it also seems nice just to relax and really not do much of anything.

More photos from Jarbidge,
An owl in the field,
The so-called alaskite at Devils Gate near Eureka,
Beer mug from hospitality suite at Northwest,
A blogger meet up in Seattle,
Another hike to the Pony Express Station,
Photos from a Serbian Xmas in Austin,
Northumberland caldera photos and a related post alluded to elsewhere (can I really figure out the location?),
Recent pics from Spencer Hot Springs,
A neat breccia from Devils Gate near Eureka,
Bones of a sheep in the field,
Something else seen in the field, surely,
Stop SOPA,
Miscellaneous links and posts in draft, and

...I'm pretty sure there are more.

Where to start? That is the question.

Above possibilities listed in order of posting:
Stop Censorship Header | Stop SOPA Links
A Soak at Spencer Hot Springs
Yes, We Met in SeaTac
Can You Believe We Are Still Doing This?!
West to Southwest of Center: Beers and Roads and Folds and Things
ENE of Center: Breccia at Devils Gate
Coarse-Grained Calcite in the Devils Gate Breccia
Things You Find in the Field: Skull and Bones

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Hollis said...

I totally vote for recent pics from Spencer Hot Springs. I was last there in the late 70s, it would be great to "return"!

Nina Fitzgerald said...

I get in this same mindset. Topics rattling around in my mind. If I just sit down and pound out a first sentence about one of them, I'm good to go.

My vote is a post on the so-called Alaskite near Eureka.

There is a nice outcrop in the Beaver Dams near St. George.

Silver Fox said...

Thanks for your votes! The Spencer one will post Sunday. The alaskite one will take a little more work.

Ann said...

I would like to see the things you have about Devils Gate near Eureka.

Silver Fox said...

Probably that should have "soon" and not Sunday.

Thanks for your vote, Ann.