Friday, June 29, 2012

More Views from the Road to Work

A few more views from the road to work: the sunrise photos are from early April, and the cloudy photos are from early May.
A flock of geese (?) over the Humboldt River, seen from the near the site of Preble in Emigrant Canyon. The south end of the Midas Trough is just coming into view below the rising sun.
I've seen smallish groups of pelicans along this part of the river, but they don't typically fly in Vs.
North edge of the Midas Trough, AKA Owyhee Bluff.
North Valmy Power Plant. The two yellowish, sunlit hills near the plant comprise Treaty Hill. The north, sloping end of Battle Mountain (the mountain) is behind and to the right of Treaty Hill; the bluish Shoshone Range defines the far horizon.
The Pettit Ranch on the east slope of the Osgood Mountains. The supposed true geographic name of this ranch (from the 1945 Osgood Mountains 15' topo) is the Hugh Bains Ranch, but I'm going with what the sign to the ranch says (and what I've known it as for quite a while). I remember driving up to this ranch a long time ago, despite no trespassing signs and barking ranch dogs. I think I was getting the key to a gate near Preble, where some drill cuttings or rock samples for the Pinson Mine had been stored.
At the time, the Pinson was most properly known as the Ogee and Pinson Mine (map from Hotz and Willden, 1964).
Now we're looking westerly, about 20 to 25 miles across Red House Flat, toward a batch of mostly unnamed hills south of the Snowstorm Mountains and the Midas Trough and north of the Sheep Creek Range.

All views above were from south of the turnoff to Midas, Hollister, Ivanhoe, Willow Creek, and Tuscarora on the Midas Road (see previous post).
Here's a second look at the same hills, this time from where the road splits to go to either Getchell or Twin Creeks.
This time, beyond the Roosters Comb, we can see the low spot between the mostly unnamed hills and the Sheep Creek Range, where Sheep Creek flows out toward the Humboldt River. The Izzenhood Ranch and Izzenhood Gap are tucked away behind the hills in front of the low spot.
Area covered by this post; map courtesy USGS, The National Map Viewer. To see this map more clearly and to explore the area, go here.
A zoomed in map showing Sixmile Hill, Roosters Comb, Izzenhood Gap, Sheep Creek, and the north end of the Sheep Creek Range; map courtesy of USGS, from The National Map Viewer, explore the area using this link.

Selected Reference:
Hotz, P.E. and Willden, Ronald, 1964, Geology and mineral deposits of the Osgood Mountains quadrangle, Humboldt County, Nevada: USGS Professional Paper 431, 128 p., 1:62,500.


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