Saturday, December 22, 2012

Recent Hike: Ice and Snow

Because it's that wintry time of year, with holidays coming on or already here, I thought I'd post a few photos from a recent hike up Water Canyon.

Ice instead of water in the lower, rocky part of our hiking road/trail.

A small crevasse or crack in the ice, scale in the next photo.

Ice textures at one end of the crevasse, hiking pole for scale.

Looking back toward the same general area.

Closer view of the upper end of the icy road/trail.

The creek crossing uphill from half-mile canyon.

Small ice fall, with creek running below the ice, at the same creek crossing.
The location linked to below points to the creek crossing below half-mile canyon. (We've marked certain landmarks on the way as 1-mile this, 2-mile that, etc., based on GPS mileage readings that change somewhat depending on the strength of our satellite connection or other, unknown variables.)


jo(e) said...

Gorgeous. I love the sound that kind of ice makes when you hike on it.

Silver Fox said...

A lot of the ice was way too slippery to walk on, but the rest was nice and crunchy.