Sunday, December 30, 2012

Notes from the North: Snow, Trees, Fungi, and Devil's Club

I didn't manage to post any white Xmas photos (we did have a white Xmas), but here are some photos from a recent hike through north-land woods.

Trail into snowy woods.
Birch tree with snow and fungi.
Black spruce.
More black spruce.
Photo looking approximately west at 11:03 am local time.
It was about 20°F outside, and although the sun had officially risen, it was low on the horizon and hiding behind clouds.

Unknown tree fungus, possibly Phellinuson birch. Fungi are not my specialty by any stretch of the imagination!
Close up of tree fungus.
Devil's club (Oplopanax horridus) covered with snow.
Even more Devil's club.
I don't always recognize this plant in Southcentral Alaska during the summer, and I sometimes forget that it isn't confined to Southeast.

Closeup: nice and spiny, eh?


Dan McShane said...

OK, I'll admit devils club looks nice in snow.

Silver Fox said...

It always grabs me by surprise! ;)