Monday, December 31, 2012

Where I was in 2010

Lockwood has a post up that points to the Census dotmap, by @ewedistrict and @kieran, which shows individuals counted in the U.S. 2010 Census as dots. I am located (if I was counted) somewhere on the northwest edge of the largest cluster below:

Census dotmap at maximum zoom.
Maximum zoom doesn't allow me to identify the place MOH and I lived (and our collective two dots), and I can barely separate the street we lived on from other streets.

Google Maps map view of the same area.
The dot map now offers a Google Map street map that perfectly overlays the dot map. When I found my area, the street map view wasn't available, and I spent a bit of time looking around a larger, more prominent eastern Nevada city.

Google Maps satellite view.
I concocted this view of the same area by generating a satellite view in Google Maps (link). Creating a precisely scaled (or even approximately scaled) embedded version of the Google Maps satellite view was taking too long, so I just made a screen shot and cropped until the satellite or air-photo view matched the dot and street map versions fairly well.

I cropped all three screen shots so they imprecisely match one another. I ended up cropping off the scale bar on the satellite view. The Census dotmap does not offer a scale bar.

More recently, I've been hiking in an undotted rectangle in the southeast corner of this dot map:

Census dot map with hiking area marked by magenta rectangle.
The dots shown inside the magenta rectangle lead me to believe that at least a few locations of counted people are off somewhat, unless the 2010 Census in AK included moose, bears, red foxes, and wolves.


Lockwood said...

Regarding area where there "shouldn't" be residents, I noticed the same thing. I was wondering how many might be attributable to homeless camps.

Silver Fox said...

I thought of that, too, but I know that this particular area doesn't have homeless camps, in the winter, anyway, that the main camps are closer to downtown.