Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Road Song: Stories We Could Tell

This song always reminds me of "the life" -- that is, the life of an exploration geologist. You may have to click through to YouTube to listen to this original version, which is the one I know best.

John Sebastian: Stories We Could Tell (lyrics)
Album: Tarzana Kid, 1974
John Sebastian website (has auto-playing music turned on)

Here's another version, with the pixelated pictures evoking the kind of traveling I'm thinking of when I hear the music. You may still have to listen to it on YouTube.

Jimmy Buffett: Stories We Could Tell
Album: A-1-A, 1974
Jimmy Buffett website
So if you're on the road a-trackin' down your every night
And singin' for a livin' neath the brightly colored lights
And if you ever wonder why you ride the carousel
You did it for the stories you could tell
(emphasis mine)

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