Thursday, May 2, 2013

Things You Find in the Field: Pyramidal Objects #3

A few years back, while out taking a set of roads that makes a large loop starting from Highway 50 at either Garnet Hill or Ely, going either northeast or north and then going west, then heading north and west some more, and then running back south to Highway 50 at the Thirty Mile Road junction, MOH and I ran across this wooden pyramid at Summit Springs near Piscevich Summit (MSRMaps location and also see the Google Maps Location at the end of this post).
A closer view of the wooden pyramid.
Even closer.
I really don't know what this type of structure is used for, but went inside to take a look.
Inside view: a metal pipe runs up one wall and out the top.
Another inside view.
Possibly this small structure was used as a smoke house? (And although I don't see a lot of coating of the walls by creosote, some planks look darkened.)
Inside looking out toward a tree near the spring.
A second inside-looking-out view, this time past tree No. 2 toward the broad curve into Bothwick Creek canyon, which runs off to the north (right).


Utemike said...

Location looks right for a pump house or windmill base but the pipe is a mystery.

On another note, I was interested when you mentioned Piscevich Summit. I knew an attorney by that name in Reno a long time ago - Margo Piscevich. Wanting to confirm the spelling, I googled it. Not only was the spelling confirmed, the legal web site listed her place of birth. Kimberly (now ghost town) in White Pine county.

Guess I've spent too much time in Nevada, everything there reminds me of something else there.

Maybe she can tell you what that structure was.

Hollis said...

love the inside shots, especially #4, #5. Creating "abstracts" from real objects really intrigues me.

Silver Fox said...

Utemike, I've never seen the insdide of a windmill base, would guess the cross beam in the center would be in the way of the windmill works. Pump house could be any shape probably. Too bad I didn't take any photos of the floor area inside, it might show some answers, but am likely not to get back there any time soon. Interesting to find out about the local name!

Silver Fox said...

Hollis, I like the photo number 5 in particular, and noted that you liked a kind of abstract shot of the interior of the pyramid #2. Too bad I couldn't get inside the rock pyramid from the first post! ;)