Monday, May 6, 2013

Slickenside Ridge #1

Slickenside Ridge is our personal name for a narrow ridge south of Water Canyon, south of an area that MOH and I sometimes call "Dike Hill." Here we are looking across toward Dike Hill, with a face of slickensided, slickenlined quartzite in deep shadow on the right. The contacts between the quartzite and the porphyry dikes, discussed most recently here, seem to be faulted almost everywhere on the lower part of Slickenside Ridge.
Slickensides on quartzite.
Slickenside with slickenlines; hand for scale.
I've reached over to place my hand in the photo, while trying to maintain my camera at verticality.
Slickenside and slickenlines; no hand for scale.
Now I've tried to maintiain verticality without having my hand in the photo. The outcrop was difficult to photograph because of rocks. The first photo not in shadow (second photo above) shows a less oblique, nearly downdip apparent orientation of the slickenlines than the photo above where I was trying hard to get a photo of the true orientation. Not really sure which photo reflects reality better, but I do think the slickenlines were somewhat oblique. (Too bad I don't usually hike with my Brunton!)
Gratuitous shot of spring wildflower: a buttercup, possibly this buttercup, also seen here, though they all look about the same to me.


Hollis said...

Sure looks like sagebrush buttercup! was it in dry habitat?

Silver Fox said...

It's fairly dry, mostly sagebrush but with tall rye grass and other grasses (some may have been seeded after a fire). Can't say whether this would have been in the pinon juniper zone before the fire several years back, aspens in the canyon and up the side canyons.

I didn't get a good shot of the leaves, and there are 4 or 5 buttercups that could be in the area (as listed by county at USDA).