Friday, May 24, 2013

Things You Find in the Field: Fauna on and near Rocks...OR...on and amongst the Flora

Blue belly lizard near some foliated andesite (this is the Great Basin Fence Lizard, or Sceloporus occidentalis longipes).
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The lizard was rather skittish, and I couldn't get very close.
Read more about blue bellies in an earlier post.
A lizard of unknown denomination running over a lichen-covered outcrop.
A very small gray and white bird perched on a gray rock
atop an iron-stained outcrop (upper right).
Two shining leaf chafers or "Little Bears."
AKA Paracotalpa granicollis, a kind of scarab beetle.
And finally, a meadowlark atop a sagebrush.
I hear meadowlarks often, but am not always quite so lucky as to see them. This time, I was crossing a muddy little stream by a meadow, on my way to take the long way home (I didn't know it was *such* a long way, but oh well) when I heard this one singing.

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